A Trusted & Proven Process

Betterview’s process and technology platform helps ensure a safe and successful inspection every time

Our process involves Six Key Steps:

Step 01 Onboard

  • FAA Part 107 Certification
  • Flight Skills

Maintain compliance and ensure pilots are successful when they go out to fly. Betterview provides online training for the FAA Part 107 exam and use of our software platform. Our system also tracks pilot certificates and offers feedback tools for evaluating flight skills.

Step 02 Assess

  • Estimated Roof Condition
  • Historical Weather
  • Building Age

Give us an address and we return a Quick Score based on satellite/aerial imagery combined with public data points like historical weather that will help you decide if you need to take a closer look with a drone.

Step 03 Plan

  • Coordination
  • Airspace & Weather
  • Consent
  • Flight Plan

Our platform coordinates everything that needs to be done before flying a drone like identifying the correct buildings to inspect, obtaining onsite consent, scheduling the best time to fly, and providing detailed instructions to the pilot. This results in a safe, quality and conflict-free process.

Step 04 Capture

  • Pre-flight Checklist
  • Planned Flight Execution
  • Ad-hoc Flight Execution
  • Flight Automation & Geo-fencing
  • Data Transfer & Storage

Our mobile app walks pilots through the data capture process while they are at the onsite location, including autonomous flight. Photos and flight logs are downloaded from the drone and uploaded to Betterview’s cloud storage system for processing into advanced outputs like orthomosaic maps and 3D models.

Step 05 Analyze

  • Advance Image Processing
  • Measurements
  • Detailed Image Analysis
  • Reports

Make better business decisions with Betterview reports. Our subject matter experts analyze the raw data collected by drones to provide actionable insights. Our human experts are supported by by deep learning computer vision AI technology to improve quality and efficiency.

Step 06 Audit

  • Job Tracking
  • Flight Logs
  • Compliance

Ensure every step of the process is followed every time for maximum operational safety. Maintain pilot flight logs and maintain to ensure FAA compliance. Preserve chain of custody of photographic evidence collected from drone flights in case of future litigation.

Don’t assume unnecessary risk by using unproven technology from a company that does not understand your business needs. Work with Betterview. No other company has more experience inspecting buildings and properties using drones. Our process was built off of decades of experience providing commercial property inspection services to the insurance industry.

By the Numbers

  • >3,300 properties flown
  • >6,600 roofs analyzed
  • >300M sq. ft. of rooftop analyzed
  • >969k photos captured
  • >23k photos tagged with 87 roof issue types

Coordinated Workflow

  • Required Steps

    The Betterview technology platform ensures that each step of our process gets followed each and every time.

  • Timeline

    Track each step of the process with the ability to go back and see what was done, by whom, and when.

  • Notifications

    Automatic mobile push, SMS, email, and phone notifications sent when tasks are overdue.

  • Work Queues

    Quicky process manual steps with work queues and Fast-track RUSH jobs.

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Better Decisions with Better Data

Founded in 2014, Betterview uses drones to provide a safe, easy, and cost-effective way to capture comprehensive aerial building imagery and data so you can make insightful business decisions.

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