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Two easy ways to get the data you need

Betterview Platform

Is your team up to the task? Equip your people with DJI Drones and The Betterview Platform.

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Platform + Services

Want more help? Hire us to provide the technology and the manpower to get the job done.

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Betterview has the most utilized software technology platform for drone-based building and property inspections. Our software and proven process is used many times a day by professionals across the world to successfully capture, collect, process, and analyze visual inspection data.

Property Profile

Quick Score

Give us an address and we return a Quick Score based on satellite/aerial imagery combined with public data points like historical weather and building age that will help you decide if you need to take a closer look with a drone.

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Advanced Visualizations

Orthomosaic Map

Betterview stitches together the hundreds of images that the drone captures into an orthomosaic map. It functions like Google Maps but with much higher resolution and up to date imagery. These interactive maps are great for understanding the layout of your property, zooming in on areas you want to see in more detail, and measuring distances and dimensions.

Digital Surface Model

Quickly visualize the elevation profile of a property’s terrain with a digital surface model. These models can help you determine how water flows and accumulates, along with how fire is most likely to spread.

3D Model

Gain a better perspective of the vertical dimensions of buildings and other features on a property with a 3D model. Betterview’s advanced processing engine generates 3D models on which measurements can be taken.

Detailed Reports

Roof Inspection

There is no safer and efficient way to thoroughly analyze a roof than Betterview’s roof analysis services. Our highly experienced roofer reviewers look through each photo to identify 87 different issue types and provide general feedback.

Roof Claim Estimate

Add measurements and an Xactimate estimate to the Roof Inspection report in order to have an accurate cost estimate for repairing or replacing a roof.

Site Inspection

Identify general property exposures related to parking lots, sidewalks, fences, swimming pools, trampolines, BBQ grills, animals, vegetation, and more.

Thermal Scan

Thermal cameras detect problems that the human eye cannot see. Betterview helps its customers identify trapped moisture in roofs with compromised membranes, overheating electrical wiring that poses significant fire risk, and poor insulation that results in wasted energy consumption.

Wildfire Risk

Wildfires are a major cause of catastrophic loss to properties. Betterview analyzes terrain and defensible space using our measurement tools on top of the maps and models our software generates. Our evaluation is based on CAL FIRE standards and criteria.

Better Decisions with Better Data

Founded in 2014, Betterview uses drones to provide a safe, easy, and cost-effective way to capture comprehensive aerial building imagery and data so you can make insightful business decisions.

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