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Insurance Underwriting

Insurance underwriters, loss-control specialists, and inspectors use Betterview to inspect buildings and properties. We work with carriers, inspection vendors, and reinsurers to identify roof and general property exposures so that they can be resolved or avoided before they become expensive claims.

Equip your people in the field with drones and Betterview’s software or hire us to deploy our people in the field to capture data and analyze it with our experts and machine learning software.

Identify Roof & General Property Exposures

Insurance Claims

Insurance adjustors and claims management companies use Betterview to determine if a loss has occurred and adjust the claim if so. We can adjust the claim for you or upload the detailed photographic evidence, independent analysis, and measurements into industry-standard estimating software like Xactimate so that one of your employees can adjust the claim from the comfort and convenience of their own desk.

All of the photos we take are stored in their original form with timestamps and GPS coordinates. Chain of command is maintained in our system so that these photos will hold up as valid evidence in cases of future litigation.

Use Betterview to determine loss and adjust claims

Real Estate

Whether you are managing a property you already own or involved in a transaction, Betterview can help you better understand the condition the property in question. Avoid the bias you get from service providers who give you a “free” inspection which is really intended to sell you their services. Betterview’s reports are a critical piece of any purchase decision, your ongoing property management, and proactive maintenance, both for personal and commercial properties.

Better Understand Property Condition


If you are a service provider for buildings and properties, using a drone can help you improve your diagnostics, sales, and QA efforts. We work with a variety of service providers like national roofing and asphalt paving companies. We image buildings and properties, take measurements, and generate professional reports that can be shared with their customers. Betterview is helping our construction customers win more work, ensure it is done correctly, and drive better end-customer experiences.

Improve Diagnostics, Sales, and QA efforts


Many businesses have found ways to enhance the ability of their employees to do their jobs by equipping them with a drone and the appropriate training. These companies need great hardware and software to maintain compliance, ensure adherence to best practices for safe flight operations, workflow coordination, data management, and analytical insights. Betterview’s software does all of that and our dedicated team can help you along the way.

Equip Employees with a Drone and Appropriate Training

Unique Client-Driven Solutions

Contact Us to discuss ways which we can work with your team to deliver you the highest level of service possible.


Betterview has worked to create a number of different report outputs depending on what you – the client – needs for your business.

View Report Outputs

Two easy ways to get the data you need

Betterview Platform

Is your team up to the task? Equip your people with DJI Drones and The Betterview Platform.

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Platform + Services

Want more help? Hire us to provide the technology and the manpower to get the job done.

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Betterview Platform for Web and Mobile

Better Decisions with Better Data

Founded in 2014, Betterview uses drones to provide a safe, easy, and cost-effective way to capture comprehensive aerial building imagery and data so you can make insightful business decisions.

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